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STEMM Academy Camps



In 2019, we are expanding our summer STEMM academy offerings.   A big “Thank You” to Parkland Education Foundation!   We will be offering numerous sessions at both the High School (grades 9-11 as of this school year) and the Middle School (grades 6-8 as of this school year).    Thanks to our sponsor,  the cost of the camps will be only $100 for the High School and $50 for the Middle School and are on a first come basis.  We will hold a waiting list for registrations after our total capacity is met.  For complete details download the registration forms.

HS Brochure_Registration_2019 (For Students currently in grades 9-11 as of this ’18-’19 school year)

MS Brochure_Registration 2019   (For Students currently in grades 6-8 as of this ’18-’19  school year)  

What is STEMM?
Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) is a national movement that Parkland identifies as an integral part of our educational process to prepare students in an increasingly global economy.

Parkland Believes
21st Century Skills and the 4 C’s  (Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking) are essential to the success of our students as they enter the global workforce. STEMM education is a way of bringing to life and connecting the careers as we are, “Inspiring Today’s Minds to Become Innovators for Tomorrow.”

What is the purpose of this education?

  • Allows Students the best opportunity to make sense of the skills needed as a whole rather than in bits and pieces.
  • Removes the traditional barriers between contents and builds understanding as it is applied in the global economy.
  • Exists in every corner of the world as students connect their knowledge with engineering, lab research, manufacturing, doctors, graphic arts, performing arts and an endless number of other innovative jobs.

Academy Goals

  • Increase exposure and awareness of STEMM pathways and careers in all content areas.
  • Strengthen partnerships between workforce and their future employees.
  • Encourage and foster our existing curriculum that supports higher order thinking through inquiry-based learning.
  • Create opportunities for students to work on teams and experience real life situations in a STEMM workforce.