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Welcome to Parkland School District!

Steps for Enrollment

Enrollment for your student(s) takes place online via PowerSchool Enrollment.

STEP 1: FIND YOUR SCHOOL. Use the School Locator Tool to find your school.

STEP 2: CONTACT the appropriate school listed below: 

STEP 3: GATHER REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. In order to enroll a student, you will need to make sure you have all the required documents. You may either scan the documents and upload them using our online enrollment system, or you may email them to the appropriate school.  
  1. Proof of Birth Date
  2. Immunization Record (Immunization Requirements)
  3. Court agreement / custody papers in their entirety, if parents are separated/divorced
  4. Entrance Certificate for any Foster student placements
  5. Two proofs of residence that the child’s legal parent(s)/legal guardian(s) reside in the Parkland School District.  These may include:
  • A current real estate property tax bill for the residence
  • A current lease agreement for residence
  • A current utility bill showing the residence

Residents who are new to the school district shall provide the following as proof of residency in lieu of those previously mentioned:

  • A copy of a lease or rental contract (must reflect names of all who reside there)
  • A building contract for the residence
  • A closing agreement or settlement agreement for the residence
  • A utility bill for the place of residence

If a registrant is not the owner or lessee of the property, a Multiple Occupancy form must be acquired from the school district, completed and notarized.  In the case of a student who is registered by someone other than his/her parent, documentation of guardianship must also be provided.

Registration Information Required

Additional forms required for registration can be emailed to your appropriate school:

STEP 4: ENROLL YOUR STUDENT. New parents/guardians will get started by creating an account. If you previously registered a student using our online process, login using your current credentials.

  Start your Registration

Once all forms are completed in the Enrollment Portal, your school will reach out to you to confirm a start date and to provide you with key information about your child's first day in our district!

Middle and High School Registrants only:

In conjunction with Pennsylvania and Parkland School District Graduation Requirements, copies of school records are required at the time of registration!

General Information

Assistant Superintendent's Office
Mr. Timothy Chorones
Dr. Michelle Minotti

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