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Transportation Policies and Guidelines

Transportation Eligibility:

Bus transportation is provided under law to only those students who are residents of the Parkland School District. Non-resident students may not ride a Parkland school bus. Students with an IEP, whose tuition is paid by the Parkland SD, are provided transportation to the school of placement regardless of the distance from the school district’s boundary.

Proof of Residency:

Non-Public school students prior to being assigned transportation must annually complete an Act 372 Form which can be obtained at the non-public school of choice. All public school students must be duly registered and if there is a change of address one must also show proof of their new residency prior to receiving bus assignments. The owning of property within the Parkland School District and the payment of property taxes does not automatically fulfill the residency clause as stated in the Pennsylvania School Code.

New Enrollment for Public School Transportation

Please contact your child’s school to help facilitate this process. The school will contact the Transportation Department to get the new bus and/or daycare information. Once the school receives confirmation from the Transportation Department, the school will contact you with the new bus information. It is important to follow this chain of command so your child’s school can update their records accordingly.

New Enrollment for Nonpublic School Transportation

Contact your child’s non-public school and request an ACT 372 Form. An ACT 372 form authorizes transportation for your child to and from a non-public school. Parkland School District will not transport a child to a non-public school without a completed ACT 372 form on record. ACT 372 must be completed annually for continued transportation services for all non-public school students.

School Calendars:

Parkland SD is required by law to provide transportation in accordance with the officially adopted school calendar of all non-public and charter schools regardless whether or not Parkland is open or closed. The only exceptions are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Christmas.

Parkland’s early dismissal times are as follows:

  • High schools – 1 p.m. and/ or 11 a.m.
  • Middle schools – 1 p.m.
  • Elementary schools – 1:45 p.m.

Official Residence

The Parkland SD recognizes only one residence as the official residence of a student and will transport a student to and from that residence only, except students attending day care and/or families with a Joint Custody Agreement.

Joint Custody Transportation

Parkland will only transport a student to the official address of the student. If a student alternates living with their parents, PSD will transport to either residence provided each residence is located within the PSD.

Student Activity / Field Trips/ Athletic Team Trips 

Parkland provides transportation for class trips, community based instruction and athletic team trips. All trips have administrative regulations that govern their appropriateness and where the funds to cover the costs are generated. At no time may a bus leave without appropriate supervision. The Director of School Services and/or his/her designee will make final determinations to the trips logistics including student to chaperone ratio. Only PSD students and approved chaperones will be eligible for transportation.

Kindergarten & First Grade Transportation Guidelines

Buses will not drop off a kindergarten or first grade student if a parent or previously designated adult is not at the stop to receive the student. (An exception is if a student has an older sibling also getting off the bus at the same time). If there is no one at the stop to receive your child, the bus will continue on its route dropping off the remaining students. It may stop back or return the child to his/her school. For safety reasons, students are permitted to ride only the bus to which they are assigned and are only allowed to get on or off the bus at the stop to which they are assigned. Requests for permanent changes to the bus schedule or bus stop must be in writing and submitted to the Transportation Department. In cases of an emergency, contact your school office for a bus pass.

Day Care Transportation

Parkland will transport a student to or from a day care facility or day care provider under the following rules:

  • The location of the day care provider or facility must be in the home school attendance boundary. See Day Care List by School
  • Parkland School District will not re-route buses for day care requests.

To arrange for transportation to or from a day care facility or care giver please contact your child’s school. Requests will become effective only after adequate time has been given to make the changes and properly notify all persons concerned (48-72 hours). Telephone requests for permanent changes will not be accepted. Notes requesting changes signed by parents will not be accepted by bus drivers. Any change in the case of emergencies shall be made through the school principal who will issue a temporary bus pass.