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Inclement Weather/Early Closing Information

Superintendent’s Message

Closing or Delaying School for Inclement Weather 

The following policy has been established to assure your child’s safety when weather conditions warrant:

School Closings and Late Starts:

Parkland schools will not open when travel is too difficult to guarantee the safety of students. If bad weather forces the closing of schools, we will utilize the District’s rapid notification system to alert parents and staff of a delay or cancellation at approximately 5:30 AM,  post the information to our web site at and notify the local media for broadcast purposes. Early closings and activity cancellations, due to adverse weather conditions or other emergencies, will be communicated in the same manner.

Bus transportation will be canceled or delayed depending upon weather conditions. Students using Parkland transportation and attending a non-public school shall:

  • Follow the instructions for Parkland School District as announced on the District web site.
  • If your school is open and Parkland is closed due to inclement weather, there will be NO TRANSPORTATION!
  • If Parkland is experiencing a weather delay, all nonpublic bus transportation will also be delayed.
  • PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL OR TRANSPORTATION OFFICE as it is helpful if phone lines remain open to contact schools and drivers.
  •  Listen to local radio or TV stations. The buses will start picking up students for transport home as soon as possible.
  • Parents should arrange to have someone at the bus stop to meet their child or children (especially Kindergarten students)
  • Expect delays! Driving conditions may be less than ideal.

Early Closing Information

On days when Parkland Schools have a scheduled Early Closing, schools will be dismissed as follows:

  • Parkland Secondary Schools: Orefield Middle School, Springhouse Middle School, Parkland High School: 1:00 PM
  • Parkland Elementary Schools: 1:45 PM

Inclement Weather Guidelines

If Parkland School District is closed, has a delayed opening or an early dismissal as a result of inclement weather, the information will be disseminated via the commercial radio, TV, and the Parkland Web Page.

Therefore the following rules apply to bus service supplied by Parkland.

  • If Parkland School District is closed – No transportation will be provided to any school, public, private or parochial.
  • If Parkland School District opens 2 hours late – All bus transportation will be 2 hours late even if your school (public, private, or parochial) is running on a normal time schedule. If your student needs to be at school at the regular time, they need to provide their own transportation.
  • If Parkland School District is operating on a normal schedule – All buses will run on a normal schedule but the district will attempt to honor your delay schedule.
  • Afternoon transportation will be normal on days that Parkland School District opens late.
  • In the event Parkland School District decides to close early because of deteriorating weather conditions, public school parents will be notified by an automated telephone system. If you are a private or parochial parent, your school will be notified and they in turn will notify you. PSD will attempt to update families on early closing due to inclement weather in the event transportation is delayed.