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Tech Mentors

The Parkland School District Tech Mentors are teachers recognized for their creativity, leadership skills,  instructional expertise and dedication to the infusion of technology as an instructional tool.  Teachers who meet the listed criteria are recommended by their building principals to participate in the Tech Mentors group to provide support, training and guidance to colleagues regarding strategies, techniques and tools for the 21st Century Classroom emphasizing:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Tech Mentors are asked to commit to one of the 3 strands of support listed below:

  • Teacher Mentor -  the Tech Mentor works with up to 2 teachers to develop the teachers’ practice of student engagement via resources, tools and instructional strategies.  The Teacher Mentor commits to spending at least 6 hours with each protégé teacher during the course of a school year and is required to complete and submit a Tech Mentor Log documenting the work completed in the course of the year in order to earn professional development hours. (Maximum of 12 professional development hours available.) The Tech Mentor log document must be signed by the Tech Mentor and the Protege Teacher and submitted by June 15, 2015 to Coordinator of Educational Technology. Tech Mentors Log 2014-2015
  • Academy Workshop Leader -  the Tech Mentor commits to leading at least 6 hours of academy workshop sessions in the course of the school year.  Sessions may be 2 – 3 hours in length and the Tech Mentor will receive either professional development hours or a stipend for the delivery of the workshop session(s). Topics and descriptions for workshops will be submitted to the Coordinator of Educational Technology for review and approval. NOTE : professional development hours are granted for each hour of presentation plus hours for preparation are earned only for the first time a session is presented.
  • Tech Resources Contributor– the Tech Mentor commits to providing a minimum of 6 items to the district technology tutorial resources library web page.  Tutorials may be in the form of multi-media presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, Powtoons, Screencasts, etc.) or documentation including graphics (screenshots) along with text explanations.  Professional development time may be earned for each resource accepted into the district technology tutorial library. Tutorials must meet the criteria of the Technology Tutorial Rubric prior to acceptance into the tutorial library.  Tutorials will be submitted to the Coordinator of Educational Technology for review and approval. Tech Mentors Resource Rubric

Updates on Current Tools

Google Apps: All Parkland students and staff members have Google accounts.  Parkland students grade 8 - 12 have the email feature enabled on the accounts.

Student Google Account Login Info:  student username: first letter of first name + first 5 letters of last name +last three digits of student

i.e. Sally Brown's Google account username would be:

Google Storage: all Google accounts have unlimited storage space; maximum file size for upload is 5 TB

New Tools

Office 365: Microsoft Office free online; available at