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Personalized Learning Device Guidelines

Student Personalized Learning Devices 

Parkland Ready 21, our Personalized Learning initiative, provides each student with an individually assigned device: an iPad for Kindergarten and 1st Grade, and a Chromebook for 2nd through 12th Grades.

Although devices are personally assigned to students, they remain the property of Parkland School District, no different than a textbook. Devices that are taken home should be fully charged overnight. 

  • Students should use reasonable care not to cause intentional damage or deface the device or its accessories.
  • No permanent decals are to be applied.
  • The websites that can be accessed through the device are filtered both on and off the school network. The acceptable use policy applies both on and off school properties. 

Further guidance and answers to frequently asked questions are available on our Parkland Ready 21 website:

Lost/Negligence/Abuse Protocol

For all device issues, students should inform their teacher so they can enter a support ticket to initiate the replacement or repair process. 

  • 1st incident - The technology department will repair or issue a replacement; No charge.
  • 2nd and subsequent incidents - Parents will be invoiced for the actual repair cost of the device damage, up to $350 replacement cost (whichever is less); students will be provided a loaner until invoice is paid in full.

Incidents will be documented and may result in a letter to be mailed to make parents aware.

Students who lose an issued Chromebook charger may purchase a replacement. We highly recommend purchasing replacement chargers via the school to ensure compatibility. These items are provided at discounted educational pricing from our vendors.

Students should always follow the guidance of their teacher with respect to appropriate use of the device. Teachers work to strike a balance in the use of technology to enrich instruction. When students are asked to put devices away, they are expected to comply with that directive. Students who are off task and may be using their Chromebook for something other than what the teacher deems appropriate, may be subject to disciplinary action proportional to the offense.

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