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Digital Learning Support

Welcome to our Digital Learning Support Hub! If you're looking for solutions to the most common issues we hear about, review the items below. 

Are you wondering if the trouble you're experiencing is due to an application outage? Check the digital tools status index to the right to see if there are any known issues the provider is aware of.

If you still aren't able to find an answer using both of these areas, submit a tech Support Center ticket. Login with your student ID number and their regular network password). Please include as many details as possible such as the specific error message you see & steps taken to get to the error. Screenshots are always helpful!

Once your ticket has been submitted, you can check the status by going back into the Support Center, and selecting "Check Ticket Status." Someone from our team likely will have left you a message including next steps or directions. Here are instructions on how to submit a support ticket.

Password Resets - If you cannot login to the support center, please email If you are a parent requesting a password reset for Schoology, please email


Prior to submitting a support ticket, you can check the status of many of our key systems at this page to see if the providers are already aware of and working on a solution with their systems.


The best way to get a speedy solution to your issue is to ensure it's routed to the appropriate person by submitting a support ticket in our system.


Recognizing that many parents, grandparents, and other extended family members are now involved with assisting our students with learning from home, we are now offering Live Tech Support appointments! Slots are limited, and we are focused on assisting caregivers of K-5 students only at this time.

Getting Started with your Parkland Chromebook or iPad From Home

Parkland Hybrid: This video will take you from turning your Chromebook on to accessing Schoology to connect with your teacher:

Parkland Online (K-1 only): This video will take you from turning your iPad on to accessing Schoology to connect with your teacher: