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Digital Equity Resources

Based on the December, 2017 results of our Clarity technology survey, 92% of our students have access to a computer or tablet device, and 97% have access to the Internet at home. 

97% of students have access to internet and wireless at home

With the increasing use of digital curriculum resources and use of software for completion of homework, the Parkland School District wants to ensure ALL students have access to the resources they need to be successful in the completion of their coursework. That is why, through the Parkland Ready 21 1:1 program, each student in grades K-12 will have a personal learning device by September, 2019.

To address the lack of Internet access at home, Parkland has several initiatives in place to help provide students and parents with reliable wi-fi.

All Parkland media centers are now equipped with mobile wi-fi devices called Kajeets ( that students may check out from the media center using their student ID. Below are the guidelines for checkout:

  1.   For school work only
  2.   Filtered, must adhere to AUP
  3.   Two week checkout, can be renewed if no one is waiting
  4.   Daily / monthly data limits
  5.   Can connect up to 10 devices
  6.   For use by student who checked it out (no sharing w/other students)

The High School library has 25 Kajeet devices, each middle school has 10 devices, and each elementary school has 2 devices. 

Parkland Community Library

In addition, the Parkland Community Library ( was recently renovated and has an updated Technology Center that houses computers with Internet access for public use. Directions to access their public wi-fi can be found here. The library is open Monday through Thursday (10 am to 9 pm; Friday (10 am to 5 pm); and Saturday (10 am to 5 pm, with summer hours until 2 pm). Additional information about the library hours can be found here.

We have also partnered with an organization called ( that provides low cost Internet access to families that qualify. The criteria for qualification can be found on the web site by entering a zip code to find local participating telecom companies that support this initiative.

Bridging the Digital Equity Gap