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As part of Parkland Ready 21, all students in grades 1-12 receive Chromebooks as their personalized learning device. With the addition of iPads for all grade Kindergarten students, the district is now completely 1:1, meaning we will have a device available for every student in grades K-12. We are offering several Parkland Academy workshops to help staff leverage these devices fully, and understand how they can facilitate transformative learning experiences for our students.

Students using Chromebook


Trends for Chromebooks in Education

Schools around the US agree: Chromebooks are now the most popular device for students, reaching 58% market share in 2016. The strong combination of affordable devices, productivity tools via G-Suite (Google Apps), easy integration with third party platforms/tools, and easy device management make them a strategic and compelling choice.

As Chromebooks move from an emerging to an established platform, their feature set is becoming more robust. It is the area of '2-in-1' devices (devices that can be utilized both as tablets and with an integrated keyboard for productivity applications) that define the state of the art in Chromebooks. The 2-in-1 form factor is ideal for education, providing schools with flexibility in usage. To capitalize on the touch input, Chrome OS adding support for Android apps as well. 

Chromebook Apps

Chrome web store

As we shift to a personalized learning model in our classroom, we are now allowing students to personalize the apps they install on their Chromebooks as well. Students can choose from over 70 apps we have curated in the Parkland Chrome Web Store (must be signed into a PSD Google account to view). Once a student installs an app on one Chromebook, it will be installed on any Chromebook they log into with their PSD Google account.

We anticipate adding many educationally appropriate apps over the course of the school year. To have an app added to our collection, teachers or students may submit a ticket in the PSD Support Center Select Chromebook App Request as the ticket type.

Here is a current list of educational Chromebook apps that help spark student creativity. 

The Care & Feeding of Your Chromebook

We recognize that even with the best of care, errors occur, and devices break from time to time. Students or teachers that have such issues with their Chromebook can submit a support ticket to get a speedy fix, or a loaner in the case a device needs to have parts replaced. Select Chromebook as the ticket type.

Getting Started with Chromebooks:

November 6 Presentation to Staff


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Online Training

In addition to those primer videos, there are several collections available in Infobase Learning Cloud that students and teachers can access. (Community can access Infobase Learning Cloud here).