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CHROMEBOOK USE DURING SUMMER: All Parkland students will retain their assigned Chromebooks over the Summer break.

Please keep your chromebook and charger safe and away from extreme temperatures. To store your chromebook for the summer, check the battery life is at 80% before shutting down.  Even when a chromebook is off, its battery continues to lose charge.  Do not let the battery fully discharge over the summer.  This may require you to turn on your chromebook and charge it to 80% occasionally.  At least one week before school resumes, 1) plug in your chromebook to a power source to fully charge the battery. 2) Connect your chromebook to WiFi.  3) Finally, restart your chromebook to perform Chrome OS updates while plugged in.  

Can my student use the Chromebook during summer? Students are encouraged to use their Chromebooks over the summer to continue with learning activities and some students may have summer enrichment or summer school credit recovery that requires the Chromebook.

Will Chromebooks have certain restrictions? Yes, the same content filtering policies will remain intact on and off campus. Only district approved Chrome browser extensions will be available.

Will time limits be set on how long students can be on Chromebooks? No, the District will not be enforcing time limits on the devices.

Will Chromebooks be monitored by the school? Our content filter does generate logs of student activity but it is not actively monitored.

Will there be restrictions on Google? The same restrictions will be applied as during the school year. Access to Google Apps necessary for educational purposes will be available.

Technology Department Staff

Contact the Technology Department at 610.351.5590 or by email addresses listed below.

Title Name Email
Director of Technology Thomas Derhammer
Administrative Assistant to
the Director of Technology
Shaheeda Shivji
Assistant Director of Technology Ed Kobus
Coordinator of Educational Technology JR Renna
Senior Network Administrator Esmir Becirovic
Network Administrator Andrew Kravelick
Systems Analyst/PIMS Coordinator Elizabeth Duld
Telecommunications Specialist Rob Uhl
Network Technician Greg Parlo
Computer Technician Matt Kemmerer
Computer Technician Eric Weiss
Internet Application Specialist Melissa Lynn
School Title Name Email
Parkland High School Computer Technician Amanda Anderson
Orefield Middle School Technology Paraprofessional Michael Cregger
Springhouse Middle School  Computer Technician Bill Yazujian
Cetronia Elementary Technology Paraprofessional Kathy Molinari
Fogelsville Elementary 
Veterans Memorial Elementary 
Computer Technician Jared Howard
Ironton Elementary  Technology Paraprofessional Avery Frohnheiser
Jaindl Elementary  Technology Paraprofessional Jose Arzuaga
Kratzer Elementary Technology Paraprofessional Kimberly Tizio
Kernsville Elementary
Schnecksville Elementary
Computer Technician Josh Wuchter
Parkway Manor Elementary  Technology Paraprofessional Jordan Glykas