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Parkland Digital Learning Resources - created to support parents, students, and staff during the COVID-19 shutdown (3/17/2020)

Computer Science in Education Week Update - AAA Committee Presentation (12/9/2019)

Parkland's Development of a Digital Ecosystem - Community Advisory Council Presentation (11/21/2019)

Technology Department Newsletter

Technology Department Staff

Contact the Technology Department at 610.351.5590 or by email addresses listed below.




Assistant to the Superintendent for Operations Tracy Smith
Supervisor of Information Technology Tom Derhammer
Manager of Data Systems Ed Kobus
Senior Network Administrator Esmir Becirovic
Network Administrator Andrew Kravelick
Coordinator of Educational Technology JR Renna
Telecommunications Rob Uhl
Systems Analyst/PIMS Coordinator Elizabeth Duld
Technician Matt Kemmerer
Technician Greg Parlo
Technician Eric Weiss
Technology Support Nancy Tenetylo
Technology Facilitator Shaheeda Shivji
Internet Application Specialist Melissa Lynn
PHS Library Dept. Head / Instructional Technology Coach Lauren Will
Technology Integration Specialist Samantha Edwards
Technology Paraprofessionals
Parkland High School Amanda Anderson
Orefield Middle School Hugh Goncalves
Springhouse Middle School Joanne Quinn
Cetronia Elementary Kathy Molinari
Fogelsville Elementary William Yazujian
Ironton Elementary Linda McGrath
Jaindl Elementary Jared Howard
Jose Arzuaga
Kernsville Elementary Donna Miranda
Kratzer Elementary Kimberly Tizio
Parkway Manor Elementary Josh Wuchter
Schnecksville Elementary Julia Strauss
Veterans Memorial Elementary