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Assistant Superintendent's Office

The Parkland School District’s success is the result of the partnership between the Parkland Community, administrators, teachers and support staff. This enables the Parkland School District to provide each student one of the best educations in the Lehigh Valley.

As the parent of two Parkland graduates, I value the opportunities the district affords students and recognize the importance of a strong home to school connection. Parents and guardians are every child’s first teacher. By working together, we can ensure we meet the social, emotional and academic needs of your student.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve your families in the role of assistant superintendent and for your involvement and support of our educational mission. I look forward to working with you to provide our students with success strategies for lifelong learning. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share.

Rodney R. Troutman, Ed.D.

Asst. Superintendent’s Objective Performance Standards


  1.  Measuring District Assistant Superintendent skills and progress with supervising and evaluating District personnel.
    Work with building principals on goal setting and the development of the Pennsylvania Educator Effectiveness/Principal evaluation form.
  2. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement of monitoring the most recent case law, statutes and regulations to keep District policies and procedures current.
    Review various publications such PSBA Journal, PSBA Legislative report, PASA News Flyer, Legal Notes for Education and PSBA Board Docs policy maintenance monthly report utilized to update and present policy changes to the School Board for review and approval.
  3. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement of seeking compliance with the requirements of Article XIII of the School Code related to student attendance.
    Review attendance policy keeping policy in line with state law. Update Administrative Regulations pertaining to Truancy. Continuing as Co-Chair of the Lehigh County Education Success Truancy Elimination Committee.
  4. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to recommendations for adequate and proper levels of staffing to carry out the District’s educational functions.
    Review attendance on a monthly basis throughout the school year, and weekly over the summer, in order to maintain adequate staffing to meet the district class-size guidelines.
  5. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to assisting the Superintendent in areas of Budget Preparation, Comprehensive Planning and other duties as assigned by the District Superintendent.
    Understand the job description and all that is encompassed within it and handle with fidelity what is expected of the position. Work with the Superintendent and take direction well with the ultimate goal of having the district run smoothly and ensuring student achievement.
  6. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to assisting with the development and preparation of the District’s Goals and presenting them to the Board.
    Work with the Cabinet Members to set goals and present them to the Board of School Directors.
  7. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to supervision and evaluation of the District’s staff members under his supervision but not limited to the building principals.
    Oversee Differentiated Supervision program, which provides for teacher growth and development. Monitor Intensive Supervision program for any teacher who is in need of additional support.
  8. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to his role as the District’s administrative liaison between the District and the District’s Community Advisory Council.
    Facilitate the CAC by working closely with the Co-Presidents of the Council, with the major objective of the improvement of school-community relations.
  9. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to his duty to provide information to the District Superintendent about the District’s operations for which he is responsible.
    Maintain daily communication between the offices of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent on the issues including, but not limited to, student discipline, enrollment numbers, attendance policies, and concerns from union entities. Assist the Superintendent to work effectively and in the best interest of the District.
  10. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to his duty to carry out his job duties with professional decision-making process and ethical standards consistent with the values of Pennsylvania’s public education system as well as District and local community.
    Professional decision-making requires an understanding of all the tools that are available and then to use these tools to make informed decisions. Being honest and forthright, I believe, is a must in my position as District Assistant Superintendent as this is the only way to build trust with the Superintendent, School Board and the Parkland Community.
  11. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to his duty to engage in professional development activities and opportunities through his participation in educational classes, seminars, conferences, workshops, symposiums, lectures and his review of educational materials including instructional materials, journals, newsletters, newspapers, bulletins, magazines and books.
    Continue with Professional development in many forms that happen daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  12. Measuring District Assistant Superintendent achievement related to engaging in community activities involving contact with the community.
    Take advantage of the many opportunities to meet and carry forward the mission of the district throughout the community and with community members.

The Assistant Superintendent has met the above Objective Performance Standards for the 2018-2019 school year.