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Wellness Screeners By Building

1-Minute Daily Wellness Screener

These wellness screener forms should be completed and submitted daily by parents before students enter the bus or school. One form should be completed for each child who is attending the respective Parkland school listed below.

Parkway Manor
Veterans Memorial
Parkland High School

5 Questions on the Form include:

1. Since July 2, 2020, Governor Wolf instituted travel advisories that are revised every Friday. Have you traveled to any of the states listed in the Pennsylvania travel advisory linked here: or internationally within the last 14 days? If “YES” you may need to quarantine upon your return, for a period of time that will be determined from your conversations with the Human Resources or Nursing department. *

2. Do you presently have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 (fever-100.4F or higher, cough, shortness of breath, chills, loss of taste or smell)? *

3. Have you had any of the above signs or symptoms in the past two weeks? *

4. Take your temperature now. Is it 100.4F or above? *

5. Are you presently caring for or living with someone who has experienced the signs or symptoms of COVID-19 within the past two weeks? *