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FAQs During Coronavirus Closure

Attendance is required, but it will be based on weekly completion of assignments. If the due date is Friday and students complete all work by Friday, they will be marked present for the week.  Participation in e-Learning is mandatory, thus, assignment completion will count as attendance starting the week of March 30th.  

Home Learning Schedule
Teachers will be posting assignments on Mondays and students will be able to complete them on their own schedule by Friday.  There may be times when teachers will ask their students to log in for live instruction. During the initial two week transition time, teachers may let students know at least one day in advance if they would like them to connect. Please note that as we transition to e-Learning these first two weeks, our main goal is to connect with students and ensure everyone understands the expectations for e-Learning.  We appreciate your flexibility and patience as we work through this transition, as we will be sure to also be flexible and patient as students and families acclimate to e-Learning.  

Special Education Services
Special Education Services will continue in the most appropriate and meaningful ways possible given the current circumstances due to school closures as a result of COVID-19. Flexibility, patience, and understanding by all is imperative to assist our students through these difficult times. Special Education teachers will coordinate with general education teachers and parents to provide support to students with disabilities.  Special education teachers will also continue to provide instruction in the most meaningful ways possible to their students through phone conferencing, video conferencing or other means to the best of their ability while maintaining the health and well-being of students and staff during these unprecedented times. If parents have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your special education teacher or coordinator for assistance.

Ask a Teacher a Question
Teachers and principals will be checking their District email and Schoology messages regularly.  The directory with contact information for all Parkland staff is here: 

Marking Periods
The Elementary Schools will continue running marking period 3 until the end of the year.  Middle Schools will have 5 marking periods instead of 6 and Marking Period 5 will start March 30 and run to the end of the year. Parkland High School will follow the current marking period schedule.  The third marking period will end on April 2nd. LCTI will be working on a different schedule which will be communicated to students and their families.

Schoology, the district’s Learning Management System, will be used more heavily during this time for instruction and communication with parents and students.  Schoology is a frequently used tool in your child’s CLEVER apps portal. More information about Schoology and how to download the Schoology app for parents can be found here

Digital Curriculum Resources
We have created a parent portal available at which highlights the tools and resources our staff will be using to stay connected digitally with students and provide supplemental learning opportunities online. It is designed to help parents better understand the key resources we will be using to support learning during this time. 

Free and Low Cost WiFi Options
Service Electric COVID-19 response with free WiFi access for 90 days

RCN COVID-19 response
EveryoneON offers low cost Internet and is helping out families experiencing connectivity issues related to COVID-19

In case the Internet is not available temporarily, PBS has created a daily schedule of elementary programming aligned to the PA Academic Standards. More information about this initiative, Lehigh Valley Learns, can be found here. The schedule for the week of March 30 can be found here

Technical Support
Parkland has a support ticket system that students can use to let our technology department know of any login or device issues. The direct link to this support ticket system is This will be the fastest and most efficient way for parents and students to receive resolutions to technical issues moving forward. If you don’t know your child’s ID# and password, please email  
Self-service is also an option! The digital parent portal includes steps for resolving frequently encountered issues, especially with Chromebooks.

Counseling Help
Feelings can be complex and scary for our students during this time. If you need to touch base with one of our counselors because your child may be feeling anxious or distraught over the school closure as a result of the pandemic, please reach out to us via Please leave your name, number, child’s name, and grade. A counselor will be in touch. Remember to answer the phone, even if you do not recognize the number. If you believe your child is in serious crisis please dial 911 for emergency services. 

Food Assistance
Parkland School District is making food packs available to those who were already receiving weekly or monthly snack packs during the school year that have been donated by Parkland families, the Rotary Club, Parkland staff and Parkland CARES.  To request to be put on a list for updates when distribution will be available, fill out the Parkland Food Outreach form.

Statewide Assessments Canceled
Please note that the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has canceled statewide assessments for the 2019-2020 school year. Canceled assessments include the PSSA, PASA, and Biology, Algebra and Literature Keystone Exams.

Local Business Offers for Families Amidst the Pandemic
We’ve curated a list of offers for families on one webpage that may be used to augment learning in your household or fun breaks.  You can access the list here and please note that we will continue to add to this page as information is shared with us.

Driver’s Ed - Behind the Wheel
Driver’s Education is not occurring at this time and all lessons have been canceled.

Working Papers
We are unable to issue student working papers at this time.

Athletics and Co-Curricular Clubs and all Activities
Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association has frozen all extracurricular activities during the school closure.  No clubs, sports or arts-related teams or groups are allowed to gather or practice during this time.

AP Students
The College Board is offering free, online AP classes and take-at-home AP Exams so our student can take advantage of additional resources.  AP tests will be given remotely on dates yet to be determined, so students will be able to take the tests at home.

SAT Tests
College Board has canceled the May 2, 2020 SAT and SAT Subject Test administration. Makeup exams for the March 14 administration (scheduled for March 28) are also canceled.  Students who already registered for May, whose March test centers were closed, or who do not receive March scores because of any irregularities will receive refunds. SAT Prep class at PHS has been moved and we await a word on when the test dates will be rescheduled to schedule the Prep class.  We will share that with PHS students when the information becomes available.  College Board is regularly posting updates here:  Their main website contains many good practice resources for students.

Dual Enrollment
All students enrolled in dual enrollment will continue to meet and are expected to receive credit at the end of the semester. 

Lehigh Career and Technical Institute (LCTI) Student Plan
On March 27, 2020, LCTI posted a plan to begin e-Learning on April 6, 2020.  To view it, click on the links below:
LCTI Continuity of Education Plan
LCTI e-Learning Parent Letter