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Parkland Foundation Endowment Fund

Middle School students participate in student-centric learning over the summer at STEAM2 Academy funded by the Education Foundation.

The Parkland School District Education Foundation Board of Directors is proud to announce the establishment of an Endowment Fund created in early 2017. The fund was started with an initial investment of $80,000 generated gradually by reserved funds over the first five years. The Endowment Fund will more effectively embrace the educational experience for all students served by the Parkland School District through the support of the Education Foundation.

Since 2011, the Foundation has given the District over 1.7 million dollars to expand and create some of its most advanced programs. As the District moves toward a student-centric learning environment, the grass-roots projects and possibilities for innovation are only going to increase. The Endowment is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding that will continue to back these programs regardless of the uncertainty surrounding funding for public education. The fund is managed by a team of Parkland High School alumni.

Members of the Parkland community, parents, retirees, alumni and business leaders are able to donate to the Endowment Fund to create a permanent legacy of support for Parkland students. The Board of Directors plan to grow this initial $80,000 to a goal of $500,000 before any earnings will be used to provide support for its designated purpose of supporting academics, arts and athletics in perpetuity.

Fogelsville Maker Space

Elementary students enjoy the Maker Space in the Fogelsville Media Center. The Foundation gave $30,000 to expand this program to all eight K-5 schools in 2016.

Heroes & Helpers 2015

The Heroes & Helpers program, supported by the Foundation, pairs K-12 students with local law enforcement during the holidays for a day of shopping for their families and creating lasting friendships.

%22...because I said I wold.%22 Assembly at PHS
High School students and faculty enjoyed an assembly on behalf of the Foundation with notable speaker Alex Sheen on the importance of keeping a promise "...because I said I would."

Support by individuals is going to make all the difference in public education moving forward. The Foundation's Board of Directors know its donors and future donors care about Parkland’s long history of excellence, as well as our children’s future. Thank you for supporting their legacy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Endowment Fund, please contact Lisa Ervin at 610-351-5572 or We look forward to discussing your goals in supporting Parkland, the gift agreement, and how we can work together to build the dreams of children in our community.