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Celebrate Innovation Grants

The applications are open for 2018-19 Celebrate Innovation Grants. All Parkland School District Staff members are encouraged to apply.

Application Form - Deadline is April 1, 2018
List of Recommended Technology - Please use this list as a reference as you apply for technology equipment. The list is also in the application itself.
Scorer’s Rubric

Your application will be thoughtfully reviewed by the Superintendent’s Office, Curriculum and Instruction Staff, and Parkland School District (PSD) Education Foundation representatives. You will be notified in early June of the status of your grant request.

Your project should be discussed with your building principal prior to submittal.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
a)         Enhancement or enrichment of the current curriculum
b)         Innovative or inventive presentation of the subject matter
c)         Potential educational benefits for a wide range of students or staff
d)         Possible impact on other staff members, the school and/or Parkland communities
e)         Measurable educational benefits
f)          Financial soundness
g)         An attempt by the Foundation to evenly distribute grants across all schools and grade levels
h)         Quality of the planning exhibited in the proposal’s narrative: organization, detailed program description, cost estimates, and description of methods that will be used to meet objectives

The review process will be as follows: 
a)         School principal will review proposals and indicate his/her approval.
b)         The Foundation will collect all grant proposals and disperse copies to the Superintendent’s Office, Curriculum & Instruction Office, and committee members for review.
c)          Readers from each group will independently review proposals and score proposals using a scoring rubric.
d)         The Foundation’s Board of Directors will meet to discuss reviewed proposals and finalize the list of winning proposals in early June.
e)         Foundation Innovation Grant Committee will notify all applicants about proposal status by June 15th.
f)          All winning recipients and their respective school principals will be notified formally by email.  At that time, recipients will also receive funding for their project, contingent on signing a Grant Acceptance Agreement.
h)         At the conclusion of the project, winning recipients are required to return a “Grant
Evaluation Report” by April 15th of the year they were awarded the grant.

If you have any questions about the submission of your grant application or any other matter involving the grant process, please contact:

Parkland Education Foundation
Lisa Ervin, Executive Director
1210 Springhouse Road
Allentown PA 18104

Best of luck to all applicants!