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PSSA and Keystone Exam Information

Spring 2022 Keystones

Please mark your calendars for the Spring Keystone Exam days. 

  • May 16-17 - Literature Keystone 
  • May 18-19 - Algebra Keystone 
  • May 23-24 - Biology Keystone 

If you have already taken the Keystone but have not reached proficiency and would like to RETAKE the Keystone – please use this link to sign up by April 29th: Keystone Exam Spring 2022 Registration Form for Retakers

*** PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently in Algebra 1, Biology or English 10, then you have automatically been registered to take the Keystone and DO NOT have to fill out the form *** 


Keystone Exam Days - Modified Schedule


Spring Keystone Remediation Bootcamp

Important Documents:

Act 158 – Pathways to Graduation


Winter Keystones

 Keystone Exam Days:

  • January 4-5 - Literature Keystone 
  • January 6-7 - Algebra Keystone 
  • January 11-12 - Biology Keystone 

Students who had 10th grade English (Literature), Algebra 1 or Biology prior to this school year will be required to take the Keystone Exams if proficiency was not reached. 

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