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Transportation Application Process

Rewarding, satisfying part-time job Paying $139.88 per Day
2023-24 School Year 

Come join our outstanding transportation department where we transport more than 10,000 students every day to Parkland Schools and 40+ Non-public Schools. It truly is rewarding to make a difference in a student’s life in ensuring they are safely transported to and from school.

The Parkland School District is looking for motivated, safe drivers to drive school bus at the pay rate of $139.88 per day, plus an opportunity to earn up to a $1,000 bonus for driving 176-180 days per year. We will be holding free training sessions to prepare you for the job and the ability to obtain the necessary CDL-B license and other required documents. We are in need of drivers to drive school bus either full-time (drive Monday-Friday) or as substitute drivers (drive when you want to). Full daily drivers will receive $139.88 per day and commit to driving a morning AND afternoon run (hours would be approximately 6:30 AM-9:00 AM and then from approximately 2:30 PM-4:30 PM giving you the middle of the day to do anything you desire or even work a second job). Full day daily drivers receive benefits consisting of 10 sick days which accumulate, one personal day, 6 paid holidays, a pension, and life insurance.  If you are interested in being a full day daily driver or a substitute driver, fill out the TRANSPORTATION APPLICATIONApplicants must complete all the necessary clearances and submit them with the employment application to be granted an interview.   The complete process is outlined below.

Please call our transportation office at 610-351-5690 or email with any questions.