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Facilities and Operations

We are proud to play what we believe is an important role in support of the educational process for our youngsters and ultimately, the mission of the district.  

We are buildings, grounds and transportation: 

  • We maintain all our buildings, both mechanically and from a custodial perspective
  • We maintain all district grounds
  • We maintain a fleet of vehicles used to transport our students to and from school on a daily basis, as well as to all school sanctioned activities, functions and athletic events.

Our offices are located at the Troxell Building,  2219 North Cedar Crest Boulevard,  Allentown PA  18104.

We can be reached in Maintenance at 610-351-5660 and in Transportation at 610-351-5690.


The maintenance department is staffed by six full-time mechanics, with expertise in all maintenance trades. Typical duties include the maintenance and repair of all facilities, as well as involvement in minor construction projects. Fabrication, movement and installation of various pieces of equipment and cabinetwork are also commonplace.


The “grounds crew” consists of two full-time mechanics and four full-time custodians. Daily duties include all work necessary to maintain school district grounds. Seasonal work ranges from mowing grass and athletic field preparation in the warmer months to snow removal in the winter, as well as equipment repairs/maintenance. Movement of all materials and landscaping work are also handled by these personnel.


The custodial department is staffed by 131 full-time and part-time employees. We strive to provide the safest, most attractive and cleanest environment for our students, staff, parents and community. We work year round, during the summer, during the day and evening on school days, as well as on weekends. Why are we here? To supply support services for our students, staff and Parkland community as a whole. Our facilities are accessible to the public for activities and events. For more information about use of our facilities by outside groups, you may contact our scheduling coordinator, Mr. Steve Walck at 610-351-5661.

Buildings and Grounds Facts and Figures

  • 405 acres covering 11 sites
  • 72 square miles
  • 1.5 million square feet of floor space
  • 26 athletic fields for district programs
  • 3 sewage plants
  • 2 on-site wells
  • 2 full-time clerical staff
  • 2 full-time, 1 part-time delivery staff
  • 53 full-time custodial, maintenance, garage staff
  • 75 part-time cleaning staff
  • 10,000 gallons of gasoline storage
  • 20,000 gallons of diesel storage
  • 89,000 gallons of heating oil storage


The Parkland School District continues to monitor asbestos in district buildings where it is present. In 1989 the district developed a Management Plan, which identifies all asbestos-containing materials in each building and provides guidance in the maintenance or removal of those materials.  All work and documentation concerning asbestos is done in strict accordance with the regulations set forth in the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1987.

In addition to asbestos issues, the district operates programs dealing with environmental concerns that include district drinking water, air quality, and general recycling where 1,200 tons of materials have been removed from the waste stream over the last 20 years. The district has distributed information to all regularly used contractors and vendors banning the use of lead, mercury and asbestos in any products or services supplied to the district. The district also operates an integrated pest management program which is overseen by Erik Troutman, Integrated Pest Management Program Manager. Furthermore, all full-time district grounds personnel and pool operators are state certified pesticide applicators and strictly follow all regulations related to pesticide and fertilizer applications. 

The district continues to maintain these programs and will strive to address all future environmental concerns in a proactive manner to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all persons using district facilities

Any questions about these plans, please contact Facilities and Operations at 610-351-5660


Arthur Oakes
Director of Facilities and Operations
Office: 610-351-5660

Erik Troutman
Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations
Office: 610-351-5660

Ron Rasbold
Facilities Supervisor
Office: 610-351-5660

Steven M. Walck
Facilities Supervisor
Office: 610-351-5660