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Hall of Fame

Parkland High School Athletic Hall of Fame Criteria


Individual Awards

  • Each individual inductee will receive a plaque with a 5”X 7” picture mount on it along with a list of accomplishments. 
  • The school will receive a duplicate of this plaque for display in the Parkland High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • Each inductee will receive a lifetime athletic pass to Parkland athletic events.

Historically Significant Team Awards

  • Identical plaque/photo as individual inductees.
  • One plaque only to be displayed in Parkland High School Hall of Fame.

PIAA Team Champions Awards

  • Each team that is inducted will have an 11” X 14” framed photo displayed in the Parkland High School Main Gymnasium.


Student (Any one of the following):

  • Parkland High School students that have lettered in a PIAA Interscholastic sanctioned sport are eligible upon graduation from High school.
  • All-American
    • Any first team placement by a national rating service.
  • All-State
    • First team only as per Associated Press Statewide Coaches Association or Individual PIAA State Champion.
  • Team
    • PIAA State Champion in any sport to include all team members.

Head Coach (Any one of the following):

  • Parkland High School coaches that have coached a PIAA Interscholastic sanctioned sport with a minimum of 5 years of service are eligible upon retirement from coaching provided they did not leave coaching the sport for reasons detrimental to the image of the school.
  • Coached:
    • All-American
      • By a recognized national rating service.
    • Hall of Fame induction at National, State, or recognized Local Chapter.
    • PIAA State Team Champion.
    • One or more individual State champion during tenure.


(Nominations must be in writing to Athletic Director prior to nomination year):

Special Service

  • Length of service to the Parkland School District Athletics and/or Athletes (minimum 10 years).
    • Quality of service as evaluated by the selection committee.
    • Not more than one inductee per year.

Alumni Award

  • Athlete who has distinguished himself/herself with an outstanding scholastic (must have been a senior athlete of the year), collegiate, or professional career.
    • Quality of career as evaluated by the selection committee.
    • Maximum one male and one female inductee per year.

Historically Significant Team

  • Any Parkland High School team that holds a historically significant position as determined by the committee:
    • Played minimum of 20 years prior to nomination.
    • Not already recognized in Parkland High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
    • One inductee per year maximum.


The committee will consist of:

  • The Athletic Director (Chairperson)
  • The Principal
  • One Faculty Representative
  • One School Board Member appointed for a two-year term
  • One current Head Coach to be rotated annually between male and female sports
  • One community member appointed for a two-year term selected through an application process
  • One Alumni/Hall of Fame member


HOF Quick Reference for Selection Guidelines:


Current Senior Athletes:

  1. Parkland Student and School Sanctioned/PIAA Sport
  2. First Team All-State, All-American (by recognized selection entity)
  3. Individual PIAA State Champ (PIAA team championship athletes will be recognized with a team picture in gym only, no individual plaques will be awarded)

Head Coach:

  1. Need minimum 5 years PSD service
  2. Retire from PHS coaching position
  3. Coach an All-American, individual PIAA State Champ or PIAA State Champ Team
  4. Be inducted into the Hall of Fame for their sport at the local, state, or national level (attached to #1 and #2-no need for #3)

Determined by Committee

Special Service-up to one per year:

  1. 10 years in service to Parkland School District
  2. Quality of service – did it positively impact program and was it directly related to student athlete achievement at PHS

Alumni Award – up to one Male and one Female per year:

  1.  Must have been Male or Female PHS Athlete of the Year and/or had outstanding collegiate or professional career
  2. Consider professional, Olympic, collegiate (DI, DII, and DIII) in descending order along with awards at each level. (DII and DIII athletes should have been PHS Athlete of the year and achieve All-American or NCAA Champion status for consideration. Athletes inducted into their respective college HOF may also be considered)