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Hall of Fame



Individual Awards

  • Each individual inductee will receive a plaque with a 5”X 7” picture mount on it along with a list of accomplishments. 
  • The school will receive a duplicate of this plaque for display in the Parkland High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • Each inductee will receive a lifetime athletic pass to Parkland athletic events.

Historically Significant Team Awards

  • Identical plaque/photo as individual inductees.
  • One plaque only to be displayed in Parkland High School Hall of Fame.

PIAA Team Champions Awards

  • Each team that is inducted will have an 11” X 14” framed photo displayed in the Parkland High School Main Gymnasium.

Automatic Nominee

Student (Any one of the following):

  • Parkland High School students that have lettered in a PIAA Interscholastic sanctioned sport are eligible upon graduation from High school.
  • All-American
    • Any first team placement by a national rating service.
  • All-State
    • First team only as per Associated Press Statewide Coaches Association or Individual PIAA State Champion.
  • Team
    • PIAA State Champion in any sport to include all team members.

Head Coach (Any one of the following):

  • Parkland High School coaches that have coached a PIAA Interscholastic sanctioned sport with a minimum of 5 years of service are eligible upon retirement from coaching provided they did not leave coaching the sport for reasons detrimental to the image of the school.
  • Coached:
    • All-American
      • By a recognized national rating service.
    • Hall of Fame induction at National, State, or recognized Local Chapter.
    • PIAA State Team Champion.
    • One or more individual State champion during tenure.

By Public Nomination

(Nominations must be in writing to Athletic Director prior to nomination year):

Special Service

  • Length of service to the Parkland School District Athletics and/or Athletes (minimum 10 years).
  • Quality of service as evaluated by the selection committee.
  • Not more than one inductee per year.

Alumni Award

  • Athlete who has distinguished himself/herself with an outstanding scholastic (must have been a senior athlete of the year), collegiate, or professional career.
  • Quality of career as evaluated by the selection committee.
  • Maximum one male and one female inductee per year.

Historically Significant Team

  • Any Parkland High School team that holds a historically significant position as determined by the committee:
  • Played minimum of 20 years prior to nomination.
  • Not already recognized in Parkland High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • One inductee per year maximum.

Selection Committee Membership

The committee will consist of:

  • The Athletic Director (Chairperson)
  • The Principal
  • One Faculty Representative
  • One School Board Member appointed for a two-year term.
  • One current Head Coach to be rotated annually between male and female sports
  • One community member appointed for a two-year term selected through an application process
  • One Alumni/Hall of Fame member