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District Emergency Drill Aug 9 2023

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

9:20 AM Schoolmessenger to all staff and families

All buildings are on lockdown as there is an emergency at Orefield Middle School.

Police are on site at Orefield Middle School.  At this point, families should not try and access OMS as police are securing the perimeter of the building.  They are prioritizing the safety of all students and staff.

More information will follow as information becomes available.

9:26  Message to media to that outlines that they should follow our webpage to view updates.

Message sent to all Act 93 to view updates on this page.

9:29 AM - Admin team starts reunification protocol

9:39 AM - Message to OMS Families:


OMS Families,

There is an active threat at OMS.  Police are on site at OMS.  Police are working with staff to evacuate the building and planning is underway to reunify all students with parents at another location.  We will update you with a time and place as soon as the details are available.

9:57 AM All staff and families update

We are still in lockdown at all buildings due to an ongoing situation at Orefield Middle School.  Students are being evacuated from OMS and we are starting our reunification procedures.  More information will be forthcoming as details become available.  Please refrain from trying to pick up your child from any of our buildings as they are all still in lockdown for the safety and protection of all students and staff.

10:06 AM

Lockdowns have been lifted at all Parkland Schools. 

10:20 AM:  Message to all staff and families

OMS students who have evacuated to the football stadium will be bussed to PHS for reunification with families.  In order to make the process as smooth as possible, we will first be dismissing PHS students at 11 AM with fire police assisting with traffic that will be leaving the building.  We are keeping elementary and SMS students in school for the remainder of the day.  We will update OMS families on a pickup time and with instructions on how they can enter the campus as there will only be one way to enter campus.  OMS families, we will update you very soon with further instructions.

10:30 AM:  message to OMS families and staff

OMS Families and Staff:

We are preparing to reunify families with OMS students in the most orderly manner possible starting at 11:30 AM.  Our staff is caring for students and staying with their classes.  The students were evacuated to the football stadium for their safety and are now being transported to Parkland High School where we have a reunification process set up.

All parents will be directed to enter Parkland High School at Cedar Crest and Ritter Rd. and be directed into the high school parking areas from that point.  Traffic may be blocked on various roads, but traffic police and detour signs will be posted to guide you.  Please exercise patience as these safeguards have been enacted to help the flow of traffic.  Parents are instructed to park in the PHS parking lots labeled A, B, G and F and enter through the Cafeteria/Upper Gym entrance which is located under the word “ATHLETICS” when you are facing the front of Parkland High School.  Handicap parking is available and located near the main entrance of Parkland High School.

Parents should have photo identification available and will only be able to retrieve students who are identified as a student’s emergency contact that is on file with the school.  This procedure has been put in place to protect all students.

We appreciate your patience as we work to re-unify every child with their family today.