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Community Resource Fair


On Saturday, March 16, 2024, we will host the 2nd ANNUAL COMMUNITY RESOURCE FAIR, HEALTH SYMPOSIUM AND NEW PARENT SOCIAL. Social service agencies, nonprofits, community partners, and recreational organizations will showcase their services and parent workshops will be offered.  A New Parent Social will be conducted that is designed for new parents to meet other new parents in the community.  Parent Workshops that focus on the health and well being of families will be offered each hour (see the list below).

A list of participating organizations is here.

This event is for any parent in the Parkland School District who is new to the District over the past year. Come to connect with other new parents and learn about our favorite things to explore in the Lehigh Valley!

Click here to register to attend the New Parkland Parent Social in the PHS Library from 10 - 11 AM during the event.

This event was made possible with a grant from the Parkland Education Foundation.

REGISTER HERE to attend any of the events listed below:


Presenter Presentation Topic Time Room Number
JR Renna Raising Good Digital Citizens: Parkland's #DigCit Resources 9:00 AM D133
Emily Wargo Young and Stimulated: Caffeine Consumption in Youth and Adolescents 9:00 AM D120
Chad Waelchli Youth Sports Performance Training 9:00 AM D123
Nicolle Graaf Anxiety Moving Forward 10:00 AM D121
Sarah Dennehy Mindfulness for Managing Stress and Anxiety 10:00 AM D120
Chip Gruen Understanding Religion and Culture in our Local Community 10:00 AM D119
Mallory Henry PREP: Prevention Resources and Education for Parents 11:00 AM D114
Mary McKenna Healthy Relationships 101 11:00 AM D116


More info about the sessions:

9 -10 AM - Raising Good Digital Citizens: Parkland's #DigCit Resources: This presentation will focus on concerns emerging from living in an online world such as cyberbullying, media balance, digital footprints, and misinformation. This session will provide an overview of Parkland's Digital Citizenship resources and provide parents with strategies to support their family's digital success. Presented by JR Renna from Parkland School District

9-10 AM - Young and Stimulated: Caffeine Consumption in Youth and Adolescents: This presentation will discuss the mechanisms of caffeine, how our youth are consuming caffeine, and the negative outcomes. With caffeine use in students under the age of 18 on the rise with the targeted marketing of energy drinks, learn how to have an open conversation with your students about the dangers of over-caffeination. Presented by Emily Wargo from St. Luke's University Health Network

9-10 AM - Youth Sports Performance Training: This presentation will focus on sports performance, injury prevention, personal development, and overall youth athleticism.  Information on demands on athletes now versus the past, benefits of strength training, and information on how to minimize injuries will be shared. There will be a question and answer session as well. Presented by Chad Waelchli from St. Luke's University Health Network

10-11 AM - Anxiety Moving Forward: This presentation will focus on how our brain responds to stress and anxiety and how to move forward while coping with anxiety. Learn about important resources and tips of how to decrease the symptoms of anxiety. Presented by Nicolle Graaf from St. Luke's University Health Network

10-11 AM - Mindfulness for Managing Stress and Anxiety: This presentation will teach participants about the science of mindfulness and will focus on specific mindfulness strategies to manage anxiety and stress in youth. Presented by Sarah Dennehy from the Shanthi Project

11 AM - 12 Noon - Understanding Religion and Culture in Our Local Community - Student success both in school and in their future workplaces is enhanced by the ability to understand and connect to people. The Lehigh Valley is home to a variety of religious communities and cultures, each marked by distinct worldviews, beliefs, and practices. This session will make the case for a healthier conversation about religious and cultural diversity and share resources provided by the Institute for Religious and Cultural Understanding that work towards that goal. Presented by William "Chip" Gruen, Ph.D.,
Professor of Religion Studies and Director of the Institute for Religious and Cultural Understanding at Muhlenberg College

11 AM - 12 Noon - PREP: Prevention Resources and Education for Parents: This presentation will provide parents and caregivers with research and information to help reduce the chances that their teens will engage in substance abuse. Topics of discussion will include substance abuse trends, dangers of vaping, effective communication skills for talking to teens about substance abuse, and will provide local resources if substance abuse treatment is needed. Presented by Mallory Henry from Caron Treatment Centers

11 AM - 12 Noon - Healthy Relationships 101: This presentation will focus on learning about healthy relationships and teen dating violence. Learn how to talk to your students about this important topic and gain information on services offered to youth in regards to this topic. Presented by Mary McKenna from Turning Point of Lehigh Valley