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Class list for 2015-2016 school year:

Gage, Michael C., Fiona, Francisco, Simon, John, Ai’Yanna, Samantha H., Samantha H., Josh, Marlie, Hugh, Tanner, Taylor, Futo, Noah, Joan-Hee, Hope, Jaiden, John, Kathryn, Madison, Michael V., Hannah, Lainie

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Please be sure to check out the Favorite Links page.  It offers further practice in each subject area.  A great new link is the PA Common core.  Your child can practice each standard in Language Arts and Math prior to taking the PSSA’s.

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 I am pleased to announce that the annual report, the 2010-11 Profiles in Excellence, which celebrates the end of the school year by highlighting the year’s best accomplishments, can be found by clicking here:  http://www.parklandsd.org/about/profiles-in-excellence.  Our 2010-2011  class has been featured not once, not twice, but THREE times  for our hard work and dedication to learning.   

 I am so proud of my students for their commitment to each of these activities. 

Mrs. Yeahl 


Useful Supplies for Fifth Grade

Back to School shopping is often the kickoff event to the start of a new school year.  To help you better plan money spent, this is a list of useful supplies.

The one supply most needed and appreciated through out the school year is tissues.   Feel free to send in a box on the first day, or later when cold season begins.

Colored pencils

Markers: Colorful markers would be great for projects.

Black thin-tip markers (Sharpies): Great for labels and project work – students use these often so bring more than one.

Glue sticks: We have a limited amount of glue sticks for the class.  If you purchase one for yourself, try to get a big one.   

Scissors:  Scissors are available in the classroom, but many students like to keep their own pair. Please have the student’s name on the scissor…they are not kept in desks for safety reasons.




 3 choices when figuring out how to organize your school work:

Option 1:  pocket folders (6)


Option 2:  Pocket folders  with 3 holes (6)  and A 3-RINGED BINDER to organize all of your folders.    


Option 3: Accordian folder with atleast 6 slots


** Everyone will receive an assignment book from the school.  We expect everyone to use the assignment book provided.


Mrs. Yeahl