Why is Physical Education so important?


It is difficult to comprehend the fact that physical education has been removed throughout schools in the United States.  It is even more frustrating to think that many school systems are sacrificing physical education and physical activity in general for additional classroom time, because they believe it will improve academic performance.  Yet there is available statistical evidence that shows the young students who are physically active show the opposite of adverse affects on academic performance.

Schools have the opportunity to provide exceptional, safe learning environments while developing a strong foundation for making good choices and improving children’s health through physical education.  Educating others about the benefits of physical activity is necessary.   In many studies, exercise has been shown to improve physical self-perceptions and self-esteem in children.  According to a 2009 study, the concept that higher levels of activity or fitness may enhance thinking, concentration and subsequently academic performance is attractive to educators.  Not only could it benefit children, it could improve the school’s added value for academic achievement.  It could justify greater provision of physical activity in the school curriculum.

Jaindl Grand Champions

This website was created to give students, school community and staff the opportunity to preview and stay connected to health and physical education news, expectations and curriculum at Jaindl Elementary School.

Expectations for myself as a teacher:

The individual needs of each student must come first.  The curriculum is based on national and PA state standards, developmentally appropriate and designed to benefit the unique characteristics of every student, always allowing the opportunity for greatest success and improvement.

What I look to see in each student:

Preparedness, best effort, positive attitude and the willingness to want to succeed.  😀