Course Description

In Level 1 German students will learn the language basics of grammar and vocabulary, culture, geography, and how to have simple conversations……..


Komm mit! series:

  • textbook
  • workbooks – Grammatikheft and √úbungsheft
  • videotapes
  • CDs


  • das Rad magazine
  • German Life magazine
  • games, songs, poems
  • authentic realia
  • webcasts and other internet resources



         Chapter 1:  Introductions, geography, alphabet, numbers 0-20

         Chapter 2:  Leisure activities and hobbies, seasons

         Chapter 3:  Details of where you live/your room, family, numbers 21-100

         Chapter 4:  Telling time, school, days of the week

         Chapter 5:  Clothing, colors, shopping, prices

         Chapter 6:  Ordering food, more school/free time activities, more about telling time



  • listening, speaking, reading, writing and knowledge of culture will be evaluated
  • based on quizzes, tests, homework, participation, class work, and projects