Class Expectations

To help each student be successful in Level 1 German the following guidelines should be observed:


-Communication in German as much as possible is strongly encouraged.  Sprich Deutsch! 

         -Do not be afraid to make mistakes; you are learning!

-Textbook, binder, agenda book, pen/pencil, and paper are daily requirements for

           class.  Workbooks and Chromebooks are also sometimes required.

-A separate binder or section just for German class is required!

         -Binder must have 2 sections: 1 for reference sheets/notes/study guides, 1

           for warm-ups/practice activities and sheets.  Workbooks may also be included.

         -All notes, handouts, and homework must be dated.

-Textbook must be covered at all times.


Each student is responsible for checking the

homework board and filling out his agenda

book, completing assignments on time, and

making up missed work (ie. notes,

assignments, quizzes) promptly.

            -Only partial credit may be given for   

              late projects.                      

  -If you miss class, check Schoology for warm-ups, assignments, handouts, and assessment dates.      Check with me for any other missed class work.

            -Handouts can also be found in the black “Deutsch” bin

              in our room.

-An accurate, up-to-date grade sheet (will be provided) must   

  be kept.

-Courtesy, tolerance, and respect for others and their property are expected.

 Raise your hand, do not interrupt when another is speaking, and do not

              tease or criticize others.