“An ideal recess program is both fun and effective in that it reduces conflict and helps kids be more active, motivated and involved.”

Playground Rules

  1. The playground aides must be listened to at all times to enjoy the privilege of using the playground. Be respectful and responsible members of the Ironton School Community!
  2. Don’t run in front of or in back of people on the swings.
  3. Walk on the playscape — if you run you can slip against the metal.
  4. Slides are to be used in one way — bottoms on the slide going down.
  5. No sitting on top of the monkey bars.
  6. Make sure you can climb equipment before you start. If you fall, bend your knees and relax.
  7. If you can’t reach it — don’t go on it.
  8. Grass will be for soccer games and walking course.
  9. Put equipment back on the cart or leave it for the next class.
  10. Go to your class line immediately when you are told to line up by the playground aides.”
  11. Fighting has no place on the Ironton playground — good sportsmanship does.

For Fifth Grade:

If there is approriate behavior, you can earn footballs and foxtails on the playground for a week. 5 weeks of good behavior = 1 week of extras!

  1. There are 3 playground aides outside at all times.
  2. Students will be allowed in the grass for soccer.
  3. There is an orange line painted before the maintenance shed for 3rd grade students to wait for equipment.