Working Together for a Common Goal


What is IST?

The Instructional Support Team (IST) is an innovative progam whose goals are to maximize individual student success in the regular classroom, while at the same time service as a screening process for students who may be in need of special education services. The IST process in the elementasry schools represents a system of problem-solving strateges driven by students’ needs. At the core of the process are the steadfast beliefs that all stuents can learn and that all students matter. IST maximizes the teaching resources within the schools by incorporating the best of regular and special education.

Who makes up the IST Team?

The core team is comprised of the classroom teacher, the instructional support teacher, the principal, the reading specialist, the guidance counselfor, and the parents.

In addition, other persons such as the school nurse, the school psychologist, the speech/language therapist, and other classroom teachers might participate as team members.