“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.   Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

The Parkland School District provides differentiated activities and opportunities through which students discover and develop their uniqueand individual needs, interests, talents, and abilities.

The overall aim of Parkland’s gifted services is to provide educational opportunities and experiences to help students extend their learning, develop individual potential, enhance their self-concept, and become independent learners.

Gifted Services

Kindergarten – The teacher of the gifted collaborates with the classroom teacher for observations and informal enrichment activities.

Grades 1 and 2 – The teacher of the gifted services students on a weekly basis.  This may include: pullout with flexible groups to develop creativity and individual talents and whole group instruction.

Grades 3-5 – The teacher of the gifted services students through a pullout program for half a day per week.  The program addresses critical and creative thinking through activities integrated with the regular education curriculum.  The teacher of the gifted also collaborates with the classroom teacher to enrich the regular education curriculum in order to meet the needs of the gifted students.


Kindergarten – Various activities are used to develop thinking and problem solving skills through literature and content areas.

1st Grade – In first grade

  • Problem solving strategies are explored through patterns and puzzles.
  • Different types of thinking skills are explored.
  • Imagination and flexibility of thinking are encouraged through literature.

2nd Grade – In second grade

  • Research is emphasized through the organization of factual knowledge and applying this knowledge in creative ways.
  • Critical thinking skills are used to arrive at logical conclusions.

3rd Grade – In third grade

  • The inventive process is extensively explored through various activities including the building of original inventions and research of a famous inventor.
  • Greek Mythology is investigated through literature, research of gods, goddesses or heroes, and drama.

4th Grade – In fourth grade

  • Creative problem solving and critical thinking skills are developed through the analysis of geometric concepts.
  • Higher lever thinking skills are applied through the scientific method.
  • An integrated topic from the social studies curriculum is investigated.

5th Grade – In fifth grade

  • Critical and creative thinking are developed through a simulation based on an interdisciplinary topic.  Research and presentation of information could include the following topics:*The Stock Market Game
    * Voyage of the Mimi
    * Colonization
    * Other Integrated 5th Grade Curricular Areas

Identification Process

The Gifted Identification Process is a scaled multi-step process based on:

  • Student Achievement
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Parental Input
  • IQ Test Scores

If you think your child is mentally gifted and in need of services,
contact your school’s guidance counselor.