Many of our new students are likely to have difficulties adjusting to their new environment. As teachers, we face multiple challenges: We need to teach the content-area curriculum, while at the same time supporting students’ English-language development, and helping them adjust to a new school and a new culture.

What is ESL?

The English As A Second Language program provides support and instruction to English language learners in Kindergarten-Grade 5. Throughout the entire Parkland School District, more than 25 different languages are spoken.

For many of the students in the ESL program, this is their first time in the United States. It is our goal to help them adust to the new culture while keeping the pride they still have for their native culture. We assist these student in the school and community to use English in both socially and culturally appropriate ways.

Other ESL students have been born in this country but speak a language other than English in their homes. For these students, our objective is to help them get a firmer grasp of the English language by improving speaking, listening reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and writing skills in their academic subjects.

In our ESL classroom and throughout our school we strive to maintain a postive learning envirnment that affirms linguistic and cultural diversity.