emily binder

“Pablo Picasso once said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

All New! 

I think that’s what so special about teaching children about art.  They are not afraid of making mistakes in their artistic expression.  They love to create and are eager to learn how to use art as a means of creative expression.  I have taught art at Ironton for 14 years and have had the pleasure of working with many, many special budding artists.  Each grade level is a building block for the next level as students learn about art appreciation, art techniques and supplies, the history of art, art of other cultures and problem solving in art.”

What do we do in Art?

Life in the Art Room at Ironton is never dull! From Kindergarten to fifth grade, art is an onging experience that teaches children to create and express themselves while learning about famous artists, other cultures and art through the ages. They’ll learn how to look at, understand, and appreciate art of all kinds. They’ll draw, paint, cut, paste, sculpt, build, and use a wide variety of art materials, including the computer in traditional and in new ways. BRING A SMOCK!!


We’ll learn about landscapes, seascapes,portraits and still lifes through our paintings. We’ll use clay and wire to create sculpures and learn how to use shapes, colors, lines, and textures to create art. But Art can be messy so we’ll need a smock!

First Grade

We’ll learn about famous artists and how they use lines, shapes, colors and textures in their art work. We’ll experiment with many different kinds of art materials. We’ll learn about the color wheel and how to mix colors. We’ll just amaze you with our creative talents!!

Second Grade

This year we’ll learn how to use some of the elements of design we learned about in first grade, especially COLOR! We’ll meet Vincent Van Gogh (kind of!) and imitate his style of painting and learn about printmaking, patterns and Native American art.

Third Grade

We’ll learn about Ancient Egyptian art through our animal mummies and about Japanese sumi-e painting and will make one of our own. We’ll learn about art from all over the world. We’ll perfect our color mixing skills and did we mention we’ll need a smock?

Fourth Grade

We’ll learn about prehistoric art, and we’ll follow the time line through the history of art. We’ll learn about the art of ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance through present day and make art projects inspired by the art of each time period. We’ll use new drawing techniques and perspective to make our drawings appear more 3-dimensional.

Fifth Grade

In Fifth grade, students will focus on the principles of design in preparation for art in the middle school.  Each project will help students learn how to use balance, movement, unity, rhythm, emphasis, contrast and pattern in their art as they further develop their art skills.

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