First Grade

Welcome to 1st Grade!

first grade collage

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”

The teachers of first grade would like to welcome you to a year of learning and fun.  Here is a look at first grade.  There is a lot to see from “a” to “z”.


             The A B C’s of First Grade


A is for assemblies we’ll have throughout the year

and for the absentee hotline if your child won’t be here..(610)351-5900 ext. 257ll

B is for book fairs and the new books we’ll seek

C is for the computer lab where we’ll be once a week

D is for dressing your child for school AND outside play

because here in first grade, we have recess each day

E is for e-mail addresses if you need to reach us





F is for fieldtrips and fun on the bus

G is for gym where the kids can all run.

So send your child in sneakers that day so he can join in the fun

H is for homework folders that will go home each night.  

Please remember to sign them and make sure the homework is right

I is for Ironton where school spirit runs high

J is for journals where students give their best try

K is for kindness that we’ll be sure to show

L is for the lunchroom where first graders will go

M is for magnets, music, and measuring fun

N is for a no bullying policy ~at our school there should be none

O is for outstanding teamwork you’ll feel throughout the school

P is for the pumpkin patch field trip

that the kids think is cool 

Q is for quarters and the other coins we’ll learn

R is for reading from the rocker ~each child will take a turn

S is for students feeling safe at school

And for our mascot named “Star”…the kids think she rules!

T is for the teachers who truly care, who will try to be fair, and always be there

U is for unbelievable progress that will be made this year

V is for the Valentine’s Day party that will be very dear

W is for the walking trail to be enjoyed each day

X is for the excitement about the Crayola Factory trip sometime in May

Y is for a year filled with smiles and fun

Z is for..

zero worries for you to have because your first grader will laugh, learn, and grow a ton! 

Grade 1 District Curriculum, please click here!