Welcome to the Home Page of the Parkland School District
Transportation Department!

Our mission is to provide safe and efficient transportation for all the students of the Parkland School District.

Every day, the Parkland School District:

  • transports nearly 10,000 students
  • from within the 72 square miles of the District
  • on 156 school buses and school vehicles
  • to10 PSD Schools & 50 other schools within a 10 mile radius of district boundaries

Every year, Parkland School District vehicles travel 1.4 million miles (2.25 million km), equivalent to driving around the Earth approximately 56 times!
Or, making nearly 3 round trips
to the moon!

To do this, we employ 162 school bus and school vehicle drivers. Our bus drivers must take 20 hours of classroom and on-the-road training, pass written and road tests administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and have five years driving experience before they can drive a Parkland school bus. In addition, every four years, each school bus driver must complete an additional 10 hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel training, and pass another written and on-the-road examination in order to be recertified as a school bus driver.

In addition to our bus drivers, we employ 7 mechanics and a garage secretary, supervised by our garage foreman, Val Strock, to ensure that all our vehicles are maintained in top condition for the job of transporting your children safely to and from school.

Finally, all transportation operations are overseen by Jeffrey S. Emig, the Assistant Director of School Services, Deborah Gurgick, the Transportation Dispatcher  & Grace Stettner, Transportation  Secretaries.

We are all working together to provide safe and efficient transportation for your children.

Our phone number is (610) 351-5690.