Safety and Crisis Management Response

Safety and Crisis Management Response: To prepare district staff and facilities for a crisis/emergency situation

Visitor Policy

The physical safety of our students is at the top of district priorities.  The district has established a comprehensive security system, which locks exterior doors during the school day.  All visitors, including parents, are required to make an appointment with the school staff before arrival, except for emergency situations.  When a parent or visitor arrives at the school, they will be asked to state their name and nature of their business.  Parents should be able to identify the name of their child, their grade, and the name of their teacher or the person they are trying to see.  All visitors should utilize the schools’ main entrances, which are monitored with security cameras and equipped with door buzzers that allow school staff to screen visitors before allowing access to the building.  It is possible that the administration may ask parents to come at a different time if they do not have an appointment or do not have sufficient information identifying the purpose and/or knowledge of their visit.  By working together, we are able to support each other and provide a safe and successful learning environment for all students and staff.

Crisis Management Plan
A Crisis Management Plan has been implemented in all of the schools.  The plan identifies a crisis team in each of the buildings and specifies procedures for administrators, teachers and students in the event of a crisis.  The plan addresses potential emergency situations with specific direction for all school personnel.

Administrative Discipline Policies
Each building has a written discipline code and a corollary bus policy code which is administered by the principal and assistant principals.  The discipline code is consistent with district policy as well as state and federal law.  It identifies unacceptable behaviors and defines the consequences for various behaviors.  Swift and consistent discipline is complemented by providing necessary assistance for students who may require social, emotional, and/or behavioral support.