Intervention Through Teams

Intervention Through Teams: To identify and design appropriate interventions for at-risk youngsters.

To inform the school about an incident or to make a referral for a program, please contact your student’s guidance counselor.

District Counselors/Psychologists
Every school is staffed with a guidance counselor who provides social and emotional support to the students through formal and informal programs.  The counselors provide direct interventions to students in crisis in addition to making referrals to appropriate mental health professionals.  Parkland School District also employs school psychologists who contribute additional professional expertise to crisis management and mental health interventions.  The school psychologists work closely with various support teams in the school and community to assure that recommendations are appropriate and comprehensive.

Student Assistance Teams
The Student Assistance Teams, referred to as Student Support Teams (SST) in Parkland, grades 6-12, are mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  They are involved in identifying students who are experiencing barriers to learning and who are at risk due to becoming involved with alcohol or other drugs.  Students who are experiencing significant mental health problems are also identified in cooperation with the school counselors.  Referrals are made to appropriate community-based agencies for evaluation and treatment.  Parents, students and teachers may make a referral to the SST program by contacting their school counselor or one of the SST members.

Daily Intervention and Enrichment
At the elementary level, the schedule allows for a daily intervention and enrichment block of time that gives struggling students a chance to practice concepts and gives other students instructional opportunities designed to promote problem solving and higher order thinking.  The new schedule allows for all students within a grade to attend “specials” together such as art, music, gym and library and in turn, gives teachers across a grade level to have some common planning and collaboration time.

D.E.A.L. (Disciplinary Educational Alternative Learning) Program
D.E.A.L. is an alternative disciplinary program afforded to middle and high school students, which provides academic support during an out-of-school suspension period.  The behavioral component provides the student with behavioral skills as they relate to the four domains of adolescence (self, family, peers, and community) followed by group discussion, activities, and the completion of a goal oriented action plan.

Crisis Response Flight Team
Parkland’s Crisis Response Flight Team assists schools in providing immediate crisis intervention services as well as training for post-intervention activities to meet the needs of the school and community.  The team is comprised of a diverse group of professionals including psychologists, counselors, administrators, police officers, and teachers.  All team members have participated in a 5-day Crisis Management Institute training and have a variety of experience in responding to crisis.

Parkland School District Safe and Drug Free School and Community Advisory Council
The council identifies, approves and monitors substance abuse prevention and intervention programs and activities funded by the federal government through the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1994.  The council includes representatives from the community, school district, clergy, law enforcement, medical profession and business, in addition to parents and students.

Other Outside Agencies
The guidance counselor and school psychologist make appropriate referrals when the needs arise.  Outside agencies are utilized on an on-going basis to provide a full continuum of support.  These agencies could include the Department of Children and Youth, Department of Mental Health, Department of Intellectual Disabilities, area hospitals, etc.