Nutritional Resources

 Visit these websites for Nutrition Information: USDA’s MyPlate, previously MyPyramid, is an outstanding visual reference for food groups and is adaptable to any age or lifestyle .  Learn about the food groups, visit the newsroom, track and analyze your daily diet and more!

Eatright  The official website of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provides the most reliable, relevant, and current information from the nutrition professionals.  Great for higher grade level students, parents, and educators.

School Nutrition Association   Check up on the latest in school nutrition news and legislation. Feel free to get involved!

The Breakfast Project   Check out the “‘Fast Films”, recipes, and other tips for your morning routine! This resource is especially helpful for middle and high-school students who would like  information and tips for daily nutrition.

Sunkist Kids   A citrus-focused site for kids filled with experiments, recipes, facts, and games.  Additional resources and lesson plans for educators and parents. – American Dairy Association Mideast   American Dairy Association Mideast provides information and materials for parents and educators about childhood  and adult nutrition with an emphasis on dairy products.

Nutrition Activities for Kids  Visit 24 Carrot Press and discover innovative and fun nutrition resources aimed at educators, parents and those who care about children’s health.

Nutrition Explorations
Kids Learn about healthy choices at the Fun Times Arcade, Power Tunes Store, Eat Smart Grill and other fun places!  


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