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All Physicals and Recerts must be handed in 2 weeks prior to season start date.

Athletic Trainer  Information

Coaches/Advisors for High School Sports

FALL Sports Approximate Start Date – 2nd Monday of August
Cheerleading Ms. Sami Jo Crivellaro
Cross Country Mrs. Loretta Dodson
Field Hockey Ms. Michelle Steele
Football Mr. Jim Morgans
Golf Mr. Scott Levan
Boys Soccer Mr. Patrick Birns
Girls Soccer Mr. Alfred Haddad
Tennis Girls Mr. Michael Hingston
Volleyball Girls Mr. Mike Krause
WINTER SPORTS Approximate Start Date – Friday before Thanksgiving
Basketball Boys Mr. Andy Stephens
Basketball Girls Mr. Wes Spence
Swimming Mr. Rob Robitaille
Wrestling Mr. Ryan Nunamaker
SPRING SPORTS Approximate Start Date – 1st Monday of March
Baseball Mr. Tony Galucy
Boys Lacrosse Mr. Brad Schifko
Girls Lacrosse
Softball Mr. Barry Search
Track & Field Mr. Scott Levan
Tennis Boys Mr. Michael Hingston
Volleyball Boys Mr. Scott Trumbauer

Coaches/ Advisors for Middle School Sports

 Cross Country -  (FALL)  Ms. Kristin Yudt, Mr.  Chris Gigler
 Football (7/8)  -  (FALL)  Mr. Lon Meisenhelter, Mr. Bob Steckel,  Mr. Steve Hoffman
 Field Hockey – (FALL) Ms. Jennifer Szukics,
Ms. Jill Duld
 Girls Volleyball – (FALL)  Ms. Mary Luchansky
Boys Basketball – (WINTER) Mr. Kiel Eckoff   (SMS), Mr. Scott Bauer (OMS)
Girls Basketball – (WINTER) Ms. Kristin Yudt (OMS), Mr. Joseph Leach (SMS)
Softball – (SPRING) Mr. Eric Kutteroff (SMS), Mr. Blake Morgan  (OMS)
Boys Volleyball – (SPRING) TBA
Cheerleading – (FALL) Ms. Christine Beidleman (Godiska)
Ms. Brittany Vazquez