Welcome to Parkland School District Athletics – The Parkland School District participates in the Lehigh Valley Conference and is a member of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association in District XI.

SUMMER CAMPS:  For a complete list of Parkland athletic summer camps, please visit our community summer camps web page here.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR FALL PHYSICALS:   Fall sports physicals are Saturday June 7th @ Parkland High School Cafeteria. Boys 8-10, Girls 10-noon. They are free.  No student can participate in the fall without a PIAA physical. Those who miss must get a PIAA physical on their own.  Paperwork for this can be found here.  All Parkland athletes must get an ImPact test once during their 4 years at PHS and before participation.

Parkland High School 2013-2014 School Year Roundup

In this, the final year of the Lehigh Valley Interscholastic Athletic Conference, Parkland High School Athletic teams captured 13 conference championships, 5 conference tournament championships, and 12 District XI Championships.

In the LVIAC’s 12 years of existence, Parkland captured 100 conference championships.

2013-2014 District XI Champions:

Girls’ Cross-Country
Girls’ Tennis
Boys’ Soccer
Boys’ Tennis
Boys’ Basketball
Girls’ Basketball
Girls’ Swimming
Boys’ Volleyball
Girls’ Lacrosse

2013-2014 Lehigh Valley Interscholastic Athletic Conference Champions:

Girls’ Cross-Country
Girls’ Volleyball
Girls’ Tennis
Boys’ Soccer
Girls’ Swimming
Boys’ Track
Boys’ Lacrosse
Girls’ Lacrosse
Boys’ Tennis
Boys’ Volleyball

2013-2014 Lehigh Valley Interscholastic Athletic Conference Tournament Champions:

Girls’ Cross Country
Boys’ Tennis
Girls’ Tennis
Boys’ Track

Additional 2013-2014 team accomplishments:

Golf, LVIAC Tournament Champion
Field Hockey, LVIAC Runner-Up
Boys’ Cross Country, LVIAC Runner-Up, District XI Runner-Up
Girls’ Soccer, LVIAC Runner-Up, District XI Runner-Up
Wrestling, District XI Runner-Up
Girls’ Track, LVIAC Runner-Up
Boys’ Swimming, District XI, 3rd Place
Cheerleading, PIAA State Championship, 2nd Place, Semi-final round
Boys’ Lacrosse, District XI Runner-Up

2013-2014 Totals: 324  wins, 67 losses,  2 ties (as of 5-30-14)

Click here for the 2013-14 Athletic Award Recipients.                  

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 Athletes who won full or partial athletic scholarships as follows:

Full Athletic Scholarship: Matthew Smith, U.S. Naval Academy, Lacrosse

Partial Athletic Scholarship:
Jordyn Augustus, University of South Carolina, Softball
Jessica Cottone, Gannon University, Cheerleading
Nezar Haddad, Drexel University, Wrestling
Chad Hess, Old Dominion University, Golf
Lyndsey Iacobelli, West Chester University, Volleyball
Tiffany Keiper, Liberty University, Cheerleading

Veronica Koval, Rider University, Volleyball
Dylan Klusaritz, Chestnut Hill University, Lacrosse
Ethan Lizak, University of Minnesota, Wrestling
Zachary Merkle, Southern Connecticut State University, Baseball
Courtney Miller, Iona University, Softball
Gabriel Mosser, Shippensburg University of PA , Baseball
Josh Pope, Chestnut Hill University, Lacrosse
Kareem Williams, University of Delaware, Football

Congratulations to Pennsylvania silver medalists Siena Salvaggio (Girls’s Swimming) and Nezar Haddad (Wrestling)!

Multiple Sport Participation
The Parkland School District Athletic Department encourages students to participate in a variety of sports.  This aligns with the recommendations from NCAA coaches and the philosophy that the best high school athletic experience places athletes in a wide variety of situations and a broad spectrum of peers and coaches. Unfortunately, many student athletes are misled into thinking that “more is better” and attempt to participate in club sports or other activities at the same time they are on our Parkland athletic teams.  We urge parents to check with Parkland coaches BEFORE allowing children to participate in multiple sports or activities in the same season.  With very few exceptions, it is not feasible to do so and those young athletes who do, find that they cannot perform at the level required.  Further, the potential for injury due to fatigue and overuse becomes greater.   Finally, Parkland sports are tied directly to academic achievement and appropriate behavior in school and during our athletic activities.  Overloading a child’s schedule with more than one sport a season can have serious negative impact on both academic achievement and social behavior due to fatigue and stress. While we offer a wide range of opportunities at Parkland and know there are many other quality athletic experiences available outside our offerings, we ask that students pick one activity per season and strive to be the best they can during that time!

Alumni Recognition
The Parkland Athletic Department recognizes current NCAA Division I and II Parkland alumni by placing signed photographs of them in our cafeteria lobby trophy case.  These pictures stay there until graduation from the students’ respective colleges and are then permanently displayed on the walls of our ticket taking area at PHS. If you are a current college athlete or have a child who meets the criteria for recognition, please send us an 8” x 10” autographed, glossy action photo from their college media guide or action shot from a game.  The photo can be dropped off at PHS or mailed to us at:  Parkland High School Athletic Office, 2700 North Cedar Crest Blvd. Allentown PA 18104

Interscholastic Athletic Opportunities Disclosure Reports

Ticket sale information for Parkland Home Regular Season Events:
PARKLAND HIGH SCHOOL  Athletic General Admission Event Ticket

Boys’ Basketball – 9 Home games
Girls’ Basketball – 9 Home games
Wrestling – 4 Home games


NO DRINKS (open or closed), NO BACKPACKS will be allowed in any athletic events!!! You will be asked to return your item to your car, or to discard your drink into the trash cans located at the entrance gate.

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Dress code requirements are in force at ALL athletic events.  Students must wear clothes that cover their entire TORSO!!



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